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Embark on a journey of precision and power with the VORTEX  Squash Racket. Meticulously designed for the discerning player, this racket seamlessly blends with superior performance on the squash court.


  • Aluminum Frame: The Aluminum Frame offering a perfect balance of strength and agility. Navigate the court with ease and deliver swift, controlled shots with this lightweight yet durable construction.
  •  Shaft: The Shaft provides dynamic flexibility, adapting to your playing style. Transition effortlessly between finesse shots and powerful drives, utilizing a shaft designed for optimal responsiveness.
  • Isometric Head: The VORTEX Isometric Head expands the sweet spot, delivering consistent power and accuracy across the entire string bed. Take your shots to the next level with confidence and reliability.
  • THROAT : Jointless throat construction for improved aerodynamics and improved shot accuracy.
  • COVER - Full bag cover provides extra protection when not in use or travelling.
  • COLOUR : Comes in 3 different colour White, Blue, Yellow and Red.
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