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SETO 1008

SETO 1008

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  • POLYCARBONATE LENS: Polycarbonate lenses are made from a thermoplastic material that is known for its impact resistance, durability, and clarity. In swim goggles, polycarbonate lenses offer a clear and distortion-free view under the water. They also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • ULTRA SOFT GASKET: The gasket is the part of the swim goggle that sits against the skin, creating a watertight seal. Ultra-soft gaskets are made from a soft and comfortable material that conforms to the shape of the face, providing a comfortable fit and reducing pressure around the eyes.
  • HIGH SUCTION: High suction refers to the ability of the swim goggle to stay securely in place during use. This is achieved through the use of a snug-fitting gasket and an adjustable head strap. The high suction ensures that the swim goggles will stay in place, even during the most vigorous swims.
  • HIGH DENSITY SILICON: High density silicon is a material that is commonly used for the head strap of swim goggles. It is durable, flexible, and has higher longevity which makes it resistant to wear and tear. The high density silicon head strap provides a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring that the swim goggles stay in place during use.
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