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  • DURABLE POLYESTER FABRIC: Airavat bag is constructed from durable polyester fabric, known for its strength and resistance to wear and tear. This ensures the bag can withstand the rigors of everyday use and carry heavy gym essentials.
  • TWO MAIN FRONT HOOKS: These hooks provide convenient attachment points for items such as keys, water bottles, or small accessories.
  • MESH POCKET: Airavat bag includes a mesh pocket, which is ideal for storing items that need breathability or visibility, like water bottle or damp gym clothes.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE: The bag features an adjustable handle, allowing you to customize the length to your preference for comfortable carrying.
  • MAIN COMPARTMENT: The bag's main compartment provides ample space for storing larger items such as clothes, towels, or gym equipment. This compartment is spacious enough to accommodate your gym essentials.
  • SHOES COMPARTMENT: The bag includes a dedicated shoe compartment, which is separate from the main compartment. This compartment is designed to keep your shoes separate from other belongings, preventing odor and dirt transfer.
  • DIMENSIONS: The bag has dimensions of 22cm x 46cm x 24cm, providing a compact yet roomy size for carrying your gym essentials.
  • ULTRA DURABLE ZIPPER: This zipper is designed to withstand frequent use and provide secure closure for the compartments. The ultra-durable zipper ensures smooth opening and closing of the bag, enhancing its overall longevity and reliability. It adds an extra layer of durability to the bag, ensuring that your belongings remain safely stored inside.
  • VERSATILE: Sports gym bag for workout, tennis, hunting, swimming, travel, yoga, fishing, weekender, camping and other outdoor activities.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL POCKETS: Compartment for essentials, one independent shoes compartment, wet towel, etc. Handbag or cross bag as you like, comfortable, adjustable strap.
  • RESILIENT, DURABLE, and FITNESS READY: Longevity Gear workout and fitness bags are made for active lifestyles, avid athletes, and high-tempo travelers which is why it’s made to be stronger and more durable for all your indoor and outdoor adventures.
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