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1 full length bag
1 badminton racket 


84+-2 gram 




  • FRAME - Crafted from premium Carbon for maximum strength and durability.
  • SHAFT - Made from carbon to provide the perfect combination of flexibility and rigidity.
  • QUALITY RACKETS - AIRAVAT badminton racquet is made of carbon frame and carbon handle. Which makes rackets more flexible and durable, and achieve high-precision control performance. In addition, these extremely highly quality and lightweight badminton rackets will offer you a strengths and stability of badminton game.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN - This High-Performance design ensures that the Isometric Head Shape has a fantastic sweet spot and Air Cutter Frame Minimize the air resistance and increase speed. Its advantages are its weight, strength and quality build. It is a number one racket offering a fantastic enhanced performance.
  • TENSION LBS - The RAPTOR 7029 badminton racket has a recommended tension range of 22-24 pounds. This refers to the amount of tension applied to the strings of the racket when they are strung. The tension of the strings can affect the racket's power, control, and durability. A higher tension will generally result in more control, while a lower tension will result in more power. It's important to note that the ideal tension for a racket will depend on the player's skill level, playing style, and personal preference.
  • WEIGHT AND BALANCE - The weight of a badminton racket is 84+-2 grams. The balance point (measured from the bottom of the racket handle to the center of the racket head) should be 300 millimeters ± 5 millimeters
  • THROAT - Jointless throat construction for improved aerodynamics and improved shot accuracy.
  • USER - AIRAVAT Racket is Perfect for players of any level, professional or casual. This Badminton Racket will meet your needs with an excellent weight to power ratio. All items are thoroughly inspected prior to your purchase. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, we will solve all problems for you.
  • COVER - Full bag cover provides extra protection when not in use or travelling.
  • COLOR - Comes in 3 different color Blue, Orange and Green.
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