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  • Power Core: The Power Core provides a solid yet responsive foundation, offering players the perfect blend of power and touch. Whether you're smashing winners or executing precise dinks, this paddle delivers consistency with every stroke.
  • Edge Precision Guard: The Edge Precision Guard enhances the durability of the paddle's edges, protecting against accidental impacts and maintaining performance over time. Play aggressively along the edges, knowing your paddle can handle the action.
  • Precision Control Surface: The Precision Control Surface ensures consistent ball response and accuracy. Whether you're engaging in baseline rallies or executing net plays, this paddle provides the control you need to outsmart your opponents.
  • HybridFlex Design: The HybridFlex Design offers a perfect balance between flexibility and stability. Adapt your playing style seamlessly, from powerful drives to delicate drops, with a paddle that responds to your every move
  • Double Edge Guard: The double edge guard design offers enhanced protection, guarding the paddle against accidental impacts with hard surfaces and protecting the player's hands from potential injuries.
  • Ultra-Thin Construction: The PRIX Ultra-Thin Pickleball Paddle boasts an exceptionally slim profile, enhancing maneuverability and responsiveness. Experience quick reactions and precise shot execution with a paddle designed for the modern player it has thickness of 16mm
  • Lightweight Agility: Weighing in as one of the lightest paddles on the market, the offers unparalleled agility. Effortlessly move across the court, positioning yourself for the perfect shot with a paddle that complements your playing style.
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