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  • FOLDING RING: AIRAVAT exercise cycle can be easily folded and stored using a folding ring. This makes it a great option for people who have limited space for storing fitness equipment.
  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION KNOB: The exercise cycle comes with an adjustable tension knob that allows users to increase or decrease the resistance level of their workout. This feature makes it suitable for people of different fitness levels.
  • ARMS & LEGS EXERCISE: Mini exercise bike specifically designed to be used exercise arms and legs, optional to pedal forwards or backwards. Helps improve muscle
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LCD DISPLAY: The electronic display shows your exercise time, cycle count, revolutions per minutes (RPM) and calories burned, allowing you track your workout progress and meet exercise goals.
  • ANTI-SLIP RUBBER FEET: The exercise cycle has anti-slip rubber feet that keep it stable during use. This prevents the cycle from moving around and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • STABLE FRAME: The exercise cycle has a sturdy and stable frame that can support the weight of the user. This ensures that the cycle remains stable even during intense workouts.
  • Overall, the Exercise Cycle Foldable is a versatile and practical fitness equipment that offers a low-impact cardio workout. It is easy to use, compact, and ideal for those who want to stay active and fit from the comfort of their own home.
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