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Superior quality EVA foam 


  • LIGHTWEIGHT EVA FOAM: AIRAVAT kickboard is made of a lightweight and durable material called EVA foam. This material is waterproof, buoyant, and easy to carry, making it ideal for use in the water.
  • CUTS FOR PERFECT HAND GRIP: The kickboard has cuts or grooves on its surface that provide a comfortable and secure grip for the swimmer's hands. This allows the swimmer to focus on kicking and improving their technique without worrying about losing the kickboard.
  • ULTRA-SMOOTH SURFACE: The surface of the kickboard is ultra-smooth, reducing drag and allowing the swimmer to move smoothly and efficiently through the water.
  • CARTOON DESIGN: The kickboard is designed with a fun cartoon character or image, adding a touch of personality and making it a great tool for kids or anyone who wants to add a little fun to their swim training.
  • OVERALL, a swim cartoon kickboard is a great way to add some fun to your swim training while still providing the essential benefits of a traditional kickboard.
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