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  • Power Frame: The PowerFrame combines strength and agility, allowing for swift and precise movements. Experience the perfect blend of power and control, as the racket effortlessly responds to your every swing.
  • Grip: The Grip is designed for prolonged play, offering a comfortable and secure hold. Minimize hand fatigue and maximize control as you navigate through intense matches with confidence.
  • Precision Design: The Precision Design maximizes the sweet spot, ensuring consistent power and accuracy across the string bed. Whether you're engaging in aggressive drives or executing controlled drops, this racket offers unparalleled precision.
  • SoftTouch Foam Core: The SoftTouch Foam Core provides a responsive and comfortable feel with every strike. Experience enhanced touch and control, making it easier to execute delicate shots and strategic plays with finesse.
  • Light Weight: The Light Weight Foam-Core Racket is engineered with cutting-edge , making it one of the lightest rackets on the market. Enjoy unparalleled maneuverability, swift reactions, and fatigue-free play as you dominate the Paddleball court.
  • Control Oriented: The Control Oriented streamline the racket's frame, reducing air resistance and enhancing overall maneuverability. Move with grace and confidence, positioning yourself strategically for each shot with controlled precision.
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