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  • SWIMMING GOGGLES PACKAGE: Swimming Goggles case + Swim Goggle + Earplugs + Swim Cap. With these items, you will be able to enjoy your swimming.
  • POLYCARBONATE LENS: Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, durable and shatter-resistant, making them a great choice for swim goggles. They also provide clear vision and protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • ULTRA SOFT GASKET: An ultra-soft gasket provides comfort to the wearer by reducing pressure and irritation around the eyes. This makes it easier to wear the goggles for longer periods of time without discomfort.
  • WIDER FITTED FRAME, WIDE STRAP AND EASY LOCKING BUCKLE: Provides a comfortable fit for a wider range of faces and eliminates pressure points. Helps keep the goggles in place and reduces pressure on the temples. And Quick and easy to adjust for a secure fit, allowing for quick and easy adjustments even while wearing gloves.
  • PREMIUM & THICKER SILICONE MATERIAL: AIRAVAT swim cap is made from high-quality eco-friendly silicone material, which features durable, tear-resistant and anti-aging. Great elasticity makes it stretch easily, no deformation after repeated use. The silicone material is also odorless, non-toxic, skin-friendly, so our premium swim cap is safe to use!
  • NON-SLIP INTERIOR: A non-slip interior is important because it helps to keep the cap in place while swimming and prevents it from shifting around or sliding off the head. This is especially important for competitive swimmers who need to keep their caps in place during race.
  • KEEP YOUR EARS DRY AND HEALTHY: Avoid water into your Ears Flooding your ears with water all the time can lead to pain. Be More safe and comfortable with our Ear Plugs;
  • DESIGN: They are designed to fit perfectly in your ears, without any inconvenience, so that you can enjoy your swimming experience.
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